Challenging financial times due to the economic recession has left a lot of people today in need of a financial pick me up. Many property owners aged over 55 possess thousands of pounds tied up in their home. Enhance your retirement cash flow by freeing up the cash tied up in your home using one of our equity release strategies.

Equity Release Calculator

Equity Release Calculator

Calculate how much equity you could unlock from your property using our Equity Release Calculator

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Equity Release - Do I Qualify?

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Did You Know?

  • Only 45% of people save adequately for retirement
  • The average UK house price doubled since 2000 meaning Equity Release can be a great option for retirement planning

Regulated – the industry is totally governed by the Financial Conduct Authority. We suggest strategies that come with a number of guarantees to guarantee your financial protection.

Versatile – there are a wide range of plans available, so your adviser can help you to choose a plan which matches what’s important to you.

You can remain in your home for life – the strategies that we suggest ensure that you can stay in your own home for the remainder of your life and that you can relocate home (as long as your new home meets the equity release provider requirements).

Your estate won’t be left with any debt we advocate plans which come with a no negative equity assurance to stop you owing more than the value of your home. An equity release plan will decrease the value of your property.

It’s essential to seek professional guidance its a major financial choice and isn’t correct for everybody. Consulting an adviser will assist you to discover your choices and clarify the various plans.

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Calculate how much equity you could unlock from your property using our Equity Release Calculator